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Migration Counselling for Adult Immigrants (MBE)


The migration counselling for adults of the Diakonie Roth-Schwabach is offered on the basis of the "Förderrichtlinie zur Durchführung einer Migrationsberatung für erwachsene Zuwanderer (MBE)" of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and is aimed at immigrants from the district of Roth and the urban area of Schwabach from the age of 27. It can be taken up regardless of country of origin and religion as soon as a secure right of residence exists. The target group includes internal EU migrants, ethnic German immigrants and persons entitled to asylum, as well as all other people of non-German origin. According to the guideline, they can usually take advantage of the counselling during the first 3 years after obtaining a permanent residence title or even afterwards if there is still a need for integration. In particular, the participants in the integration courses receive counselling during their participation in the same, whereby close cooperation takes place with the providers of these courses.


Within the framework of individual counselling, there is a special focus on the development of individual support plans for the clients. In addition, the Migration Counselling for Adult Immigrants also offers group counselling on specific topics as needed.


Individual counselling focuses on the following topics:

  • Placement in integration courses/other language Courses
  • Assistance in finding childcare during integration courses
  • Social benefits
  • Work and unemployment
  • Health and health insurance
  • Recognition of vocational and educational qualifications
  • Marriage and family
  • Children: kindergarten, school, education
  • Referral to other specialised services
  • General questions about life in Germany


The counselling service also contributes to the creation of a demand-oriented offer and the intercultural Opening public services for migrants.


We see ourselves as part of the network of existing support services and contribute to their continuous development.


Migration counselling is free of charge and subject to confidentiality. We do not pass on to others what you discuss with us!


Couselling Office Roth

Frau Kristina Braun

(B.A.Social Work)

Tel: 09171 9627-504


Couselling Office Schwabach

Frau Kristin Brettschneider

(B.A. Social Work)

Tel: 09122 98414-507


Contact data & how to get there counselling office Schwabach

Kristin Brettschneider (B.A. Social Work)

Wittelsbacher str. 4a

91126 Schwabach

Tel: 09122 98414-507





Office hours including consultation:

Tuesday:  1 - 6 p.m.

Wednesday:  9 - 12 a.m.

Thursday:  2 - 4 p.m.


plus appointments by arrangement




Contact data & how to get there counselling office Roth

Daniel Wolfrum (M.A. Iranian Studies)

Mühlgasse 6, 2. Stock

91154 Roth

Tel: 09171 9627 502



Kristina Braun (Social Worker, B.A.)

Mühlgasse 6, 2. Stock

91154 Roth

Tel: 09171 9627 504



Office hours including consultation:

Monday: 9 - 12 p.m.

Tuesday:  9 - 12 p.m.

Wednesday:  9 - 12 a.m. and 2 - 4.30 p.m.

Thursday:  9 - 12 a.m.

Friday: 9 - 12 a.m.


plus appointments by arrangement



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