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Flüchtlings- und Integrationsberatung (english version)


The refugee and integration counselling of the Diakonie Roth-Schwabach is offered on the basis of the "Counselling and Integration Guideline" of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and is aimed at asylum seekers, tolerated persons and migrants from the district of Roth and the urban area of Schwabach who are entitled to stay permanently. According to the guideline, counselling can usually be taken advantage of in the first 3 years after obtaining a permanent residence title, or even afterwards if there is still a need for integration. The staff of the counselling centres are the contact persons for all questions about life in Germany and the problems that arise as a result.

Individual counselling focuses on the following topics:

  • Counselling in the asylum procedure
  • Help with filling out forms
  • Support in contact with authorities
  • Counselling on financial assistance (Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act, SGB II, and SGB XII)
  • Family reunification
  • Counselling on language acquisition
  • Educational and school issues
  • Counselling and mediation in case of health problems or disabilities Support in psychological crises and emergencies
  • Return counselling
  • Referral to other specialised services

The Diakonie maintains counselling centres for refugees in Schwabach and the district of Roth in two central offices and in the state-run collective accommodation centres. We are also happy to advise voluntary supporters of refugees.

In addition to counselling, we offer various group services and carry out projects to promote and support the integration and growing together of migrants and the local population.

The full-time staff are supported by volunteers who offer various services in and outside the shelters. The Asylhelferkreis Roth ( and the Asylcafe Schwabach ( also cooperate closely with the Diakonie's couselling.


We offer consultations by videocalls, our counsellors speak German and English as well as other languages.


Our counselling is free of charge and subject to strict confidentiality. We do not pass on any information you share with us without your explicit consent. 



Counselling Office Roth

Ms. Kristina Braun

Gif Telefon  09171 9627-504

Gif Mail 


Ms. Elena Augustin

Gif Telefon  09171 9627-517

Gif Mail 


Mr. Daniel da Silva

Gif Telefon  09171 9627-503

Gif Mail 


Counselling Office Schwabach

Ms. Mirjam Holle

(Sozialpädagogin B.A.)

Gif Telefon 09122 98414-511

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Ms. Hannah Retzler

(B.A. Soziale Arbeit)

Gif Telefon  09122 98414-510

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Ms. Kristin Brettschneider

(B.A. Soziale Arbeit)

Gif Telefon  09122 98414-507

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How to reach us in Schwabach

Wittelsbacher Str. 4a, 2nd floor

91126 Schwabach

Tel: 09122 98414-510


How to reach us in Roth

Mühlgasse 6, 2. floor

91154 Roth

Tel: 09171 9627 504




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