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Projekt "Safe we care" (english version)


For the district of Mittelfranken, the facility in Zirndorf is the first point of contact for asylum seekers, who apply for asylum in Germany. The asylum seekers are accommodated for up to 18 months in Zirndorf or in one of the four dependencies in Nuremberg and Neuendettelsau. "Save we care" is a cooperation project of the Diakonie Roth-Schwabach, St. Rochus parish in Zirndorf and the Jadwiga specialist counselling centre in Nuremberg and supports particularly vulnerable refugees, children who are not yet of school age, coordinates and organises the voluntary asylum group of the Protestant parish of St. Rochus in Zirndorf and offers information for the interested public. The three organisations have been successfully carrying out joint projects for several years and have different focal points:


Diakonisches Werk Schwabach:

  • Securing and improving health counselling for asylum seekers in particular need of protection.

  • Counselling and care for seriously ill people

  • Support for pregnant women and women with babies

  • Psychosocial counselling for traumatised asylum seekers

  • Arrangement of language mediators and interpreters for visits to doctors and counselling sessions

  • Pre-school lessons for children in the Anker facility

  • Information for parents of school-age children

  • Development of a counselling guide


Specialised Counselling Centre Jadwiga Nuremberg:

  • Information, counselling and support for women affected by human trafficking and/or forced marriage

  • Training of multipliers and language mediators on the topic of human trafficking and forced marriage


Protestant Parish Zirndorf St. Rochus

  • Promotion of public relations and educational work on issues of asylum and flight

  • Voluntary offers for the linguistic and cultural orientation of asylum seekers:

  • German courses

  • Encounter evenings


If you have any questions about the individual areas of work, please contact the responsible organisation directly.


Counselling Office "Save we care"

Adelina Ritter
Tel: 09122 98414 508

Constantin Zakkas 

Tel: 09122 98414 506

Marian Bakkal

Tel: 09122 98414 509


Head of Project

Christa Höfler

Mobil: 0176 16359031


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